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Monday, January 30

Dreaming a lot lately, dreaming at night. Snakes in the gutters feet long and green. Nick Drake in an antique and yarn store at the mall, working and happy that people think he's dead. Living below my grandfather or above my grandfather and stuck there, stuck there. A deck all around the house and a dog rushing toward us, toward Abigail. Woods like where we used to play near Tide Rock.

Green. Green everywhere.
-Amanda Cook

Gloucester's Amanda Cook is one of my favorite bloggers. Her ongoing journal is a book in progress that must be numbering hundreds of pages at this time. It's a simple story of a life being lived--IN LIVING COLOR.

Amanda Cook writes clean, clear prose that often achieves levels of prose poetry. Her sturdy yet graceful sentences sing. She seamlessly leaps from one time, place, circumstance, memory or event to another. Nothing in her day is too insignificant for consideration. She takes me inside her mind, seeing through her eyes, and at the same time I'm observing from the outside. Her subject matter includes marriage, motherhood, love, friendship, dreams, chores, errands, Gloucester past and present, music, books, preparing meals, recipes, changing diapers, travel, death, loss, sadness and joy, girls night out. One thing leads to the other. Everything counts and is counted.

The writing is brilliant. And at the same time Cook has somehow managed to break down the boundary between life and art. Formal and elegant as her work is, it has an un-literary quality about it. No pretensions here. I get the sense that she finds the same pleasure in writing as she does knitting a shawl or cooking a stew. No more no less. Makes me want to wrap that shawl around me and eat.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Hip hip hooray! True all this, and more. What Amanda does is paint the emotion of a moment, an hour, or a day and have you feel it as well. Glad someone finally wrote about it.

Did I mention the metalepsis or the paratactic yet? Working on my Master's in Amanda right now. Soon I will have sucked its soul dry.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Aaron Tieger said...

Yeah. Amanda's blog rocks. As do her poems.

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