Friday, March 17, 2006



Universe Narrows is a newly formed Boston area band. Their self titled CD Universe Narrows features Mark O'Connor (recently of Die Electric) and his father JJ O'Connor. Rock and roll has traditionally fostered generation gaps between parents and children. Not for Universe Narrows. In this case father and son dovetail seamlessly and the result is a sound that is retro and fresh at the same time.

Mark O'Connor's old band Die Electric was an edgy rock band--a gritty sound with faint pop undertones. Universe Narrows' sound is clean, the music a synthesis of roots, country, rock and roll. Mark and JJ O'Connor write catchy, quirky, melodic songs with unexpected chord changes. Mark O'Connor is an exquisite guitar player and he plays here with a delicate hand managing to avoid standardized licks. Acoustic and electric guitars complement each other perfectly.

One delightful aspect of the recording is the vocals. JJ O'Connor has a truly unique voice that sounds like it was aged in an old bourbon cask. The harmonies are scrumptious. Lyrics range from funny and uplifitng to dark--often within one song where what seems to be a happy theme has ominous underscoring.

Look for Universe Narrows gigging out a local clubs in spring. Information about the band and their CD is available at Check 'em out.


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